Friday, May 20, 2011

Useful Web 2.0 and Useless Web 2.0

Xanga is useless. Write a weblog post and embed a link - it's nofollow! I never imaged it would be so, and ended up wasting time on not just one but two posts.

So is LiveJournal. Too bad. I was planning to speed-post a whole novel there.

Blogger, Squidoo, OnSugar, and are OK. So is Blurty, though it does seem to be overrun by spam. I've created a new account at Blurty and will be using that for my Favorite Essentials series originally planned for Xanga.

Update. I found the interface too 1990's for my tastes and decided to use Blurty for emergencies only. Meanwhile,,, and were impossible to register with. is a Swiss scam which purports to accept free accounts but only processes paid accounts (or maybe it doesn't even process those). does not yet have an interface for English.

In the end, I put Favorite Essentials on Weebly. Weebly allows dofollow embedded links and in that respect is awesome, but despite the hoopla about being easy to use, I found many aspects to be counter-intuitive and some things I probably couldn't have figured out without my background in web development and engineering.

Today was not a good day. I spent about hours and hours struggling with uncooperative sites just to get up one lousy post on soap. I should have just gone to the beach instead.

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